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My practice covers a wide variety of techniques, which currently include Cranial, Visceral, Movement Analysis, Connective Tissue Release and Swedish Massage.

After listening to the clients requests and needs I explore ways of relieving pain and discomfort while supporting actions that prevent reoccurrences.

The underlying principle for using any given combination of techniques is working with what I call "Fixed Points." Fixed points are: fixations in the human body that cause dysfunction in the mechanics of the body, and which have the potential of release. This release of fixations can increase range of motion, decrease pain, and facilitate awareness of holding patterns within the body.

Finding these fixed points requires several methods of analysis. In combination with locating the fixed points within the physical structure, focus is placed on discovering how the fixed points were developed. The client and I can also work together to develop behavior that can contribute to supporting the release of fixed points and prevent reoccurrence.

My home office is NOT wheel chair accessible.


New Book:

Hello! This is your body speaking - Is anyone listening?

Learn to listen to your own body's messaging system.

(pain management)      Written by Mary Wheeler



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